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:iphone wireless charging pad

Qi Certified Charger

Qi Certified Fast Patent Wireless Charger

Model number:WT-600F
Product advantages:Patent design, Qi certified fast wireless car charger.

Charging Mouse Pad

Qi Fast Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Model number:WT-100
Product advantages:1.Support 10W-7.5W-5W Qi-enable smart phone. 2.2-in-1 multi function for fast wireless charging for all Qi-enabled smartphone & mouse pad for computer 3.Over current,over-voltage,over-tempreture short-circuit protection. 4.CE, FCC, RoHS are approved .

Aluminum Alloy Charger

Square Qi Fast Aluminum Alloy Wireless Charger

Model number:WT-310F
Product advantages:1.Support 15W & 10W & 7.5W & 5W Qi-enable smart phone. 2.Qi, CE,ROSH,FCC certificated. 3.Aluminium back cover,fast heat dissipation,mobile phone charging does not burn.

Qi Wireless Charger

Fast Furniture Qi Wireless Charger

Model number:WT-200F
Product advantages:1. Support 10W-7.5W-5W Qi-enable smart phone. 2.Embedded desktop furniture wireless charger can be waterproof 3.Suitable in public places such as:installation cafe, western restaurant,Bars, airports, desk 4.Table face 60 mm can be used,installation is simple easy to use

Wireless Charging Stand

3 Coils Qi 10W Fast Wireless Charging Stand

Model number:WT-630F
Product advantages:Dismountable design:Can be used as a charge pad and a phone stand.Also enable you tp place it transversely and vertically

Wireless Receiver

Universal iPhone Wireless Receiver

Model number:WT-I6M
Product advantages:1.Slim-profile design for portability and easy installation 2.Integrated lightning port connector for durable usage. 3.Slim design fits with most protective cases without adding any bulk.

Wireless Car Charger

Qi Certified Fast Wireless Car Charger

Model number:WT-C5F
Product advantages:1. Qi certified fast wireless car charger. 2. 360°Rotation ,adjustable for phones of different sizes,support three installation methods.


:iphone wireless charging pad

iphone wireless charging pad:

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