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Why do you regret when the car charger is bought? Is it a quality problem?

2019-02-15 14:13:01

With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement and improvement of people's living standards, cars (cars) are no longer a luxury that ordinary people can't reach, and now they have become the standard for every family. Nowadays, no matter where you go, people are cars, and there is even an illusion (there are more cars than people). It is a headache for many people to go out and traffic jams, especially when driving far away, the smart phone consumes power. Fast, so many owners will have at least two car chargers in the car.
The price of cars is becoming more and more civilian, the number of private cars is only increasing, and the market for cars is booming. Apart from fear of traffic jams, the most fear is that the phones are out of power.



First Nordic Car Charger
Charging treasure is very convenient to charge, but it is not convenient to use the car charger in the car. The car charger is a good choice. The car charger can make you meet the charging and getting off the car. It is convenient and fast. .
With the increase of smart devices such as driving recorders, navigation, mobile phones and tablets, it is necessary to have two car chargers on the car, and many people can also take care of each other. Many people don't know about the car charger, and they will regret it when they buy it.
Speaking of car chargers, although there are products that are cheap and good, not all low-priced car chargers are not good, but cheap will inevitably affect the production cost of car chargers. Some manufacturers are unreasonable in design for cost savings. Cut corners.
Some car chargers are often not designed and installed with safety devices. Even the outer casings are cheap and inferior materials. The more common plastic materials are very flammable.
In addition, it is also found that most car owners prefer small and exquisite car chargers, which are small and not very popular. However, the smaller the safety, the greater the safety hazard. Because it is small, it is easy to cause positive and negative contact, causing a short circuit.
How to choose a car charger?
When you first purchase a car charger, you must choose a well-known brand, at least the safety factor is guaranteed, and well-known brands can solve your worries. If it is a product from a small assembly workshop, if there is any accident, there is no complaint.
Also, when choosing a car charger, the safety device must be available. Of course, the material of the casing can not be ignored. The best choice is to choose metal material, so that 100% flame retardant can be achieved. To know that security is no small matter, life is only once.
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