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What is the principle of wireless charging

2019-06-21 09:35:00

In recent years, more and more smart phones begin to be equipped with wireless charging devices. Wireless charging has gradually entered our life.We don't know if you have ever thought about the principle of wireless charging.



At present, wireless charging technologies mainly include electromagnetic induction, magnetic resonance, radio wave and electric field coupling. Different wireless charging methods have different characteristics.
1.Electromagnetic Induction is to use the principle of electromagnetic induction, which is similar to transformer. The alternating current of the primary coil with a certain frequency is generated in the secondary coil through electromagnetic induction, so as to transfer energy from the transmission end to the receiving end.High conversion efficiency, low cost, but the transmission distance is short, easy to be affected by the location.



2.Magnetic resonance is composed of an energy transmitting device and an energy receiving device.When the two devices are adjusted to the same frequency, or resonance at a specific frequency, they can exchange energy with each other. The principle of resonance is similar to the principle of sound.



3.Radio wave is to configure the transmitting equipment of radio wave in the power supply side, and the receiving equipment of radio wave in the electricity receiving side, so as to conduct power transmission in the way of dc voltage output and input. The transmission speed is relatively fast, but the security is very low.



4.The electric field coupling is along the vertical direction through the coupling of the two groups of asymmetric dipole and the induced electric field to transmit electricity.The basic principle is to transfer electric energy from the transmitting end to the receiving end through an electric field, which is suitable for short-distance charging and conversion efficiency. High conversion efficiency,the position can not be fixed, but requires a large volume of equipment, and the power is also small.



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