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What is the principle of wireless charging of mobile phones?

2019-02-15 15:10:13

In recent years, many domestic flagship mobile phones have been equipped with wireless charging function. When it comes to wireless charging, the wireless charging that small partners think of is like WIFI. As long as it is within a certain range, our mobile phone can give mobile phone signals like receiving mobile phone signals. Charging, then many of our mobile phones now support wireless charging, but when charging, put the phone on a charging board, so let's take a look at the principle of wireless charging on our mobile phone.



Since it is wireless charging, when the mobile phone is charging, why should the mobile phone be placed in the designated area of ​​the charging board before it can be charged? At present, there are four main methods of wireless charging, magnetic field resonance, electric field coupling and electric wave. In the current four ways, the electromagnetic induction method is more mature and the charging efficiency is higher. Then its circuit structure will be relatively simple, so we are currently using this type of electromagnetic induction on our mobile phones.
The working principle of electromagnetic induction is also very simple. Presumably, the friends also learned in the physics class that there are two coils on the charging board and the mobile phone respectively. When the coil of the charging board is powered on, the following coil is added. AC power will produce a changing magnetic field. When we put the phone on the charging board, the coil on the back cover of the phone will sense the change of the magnetic field. The coil on the back cover of the phone will induce current and then the current. Converted to DC to charge our mobile phone battery, which enables wireless charging.
But at this stage, its effective charging distance is about 10mm, and our mobile phone needs to be placed in the center when charging. If it is not the center position, it will directly affect the efficiency of wireless charging.

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