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What Do You Know About Black Tech Behind Wireless Charging?

2019-06-26 17:24:13

What Do You Know About Black Tech Behind Wireless Charging?Today, in addition to the use of mobile phones, wireless charging technology is penetrating into healthcare, automobiles and manufacturing. That's because it increases mobility, allowing small internet-of-things devices to receive power remotely, even within a few feet of a charger.



There are many ways to realize wireless charging, including magnetic induction, magnetic resonance, electric field detector and electromagnetic wave. Magnetic induction and magnetic resonance are the mainstream technologies to realize commercial wireless charging at present, both of which use space magnetic field to transfer energy.



Electromagnetic Induction
Electromagnetic induction is currently the most mature and popular wireless charging technology, the principle is somewhat similar to the transformer. An alternating current of a certain frequency in the primary coil, generated by electromagnetic induction in the secondary coil bell, transfers energy from the transmitting end to the receiving end. At present, electromagnetic induction is currently the most common charging pad solution. In fact, electromagnetic induction solution does not have much mystery in the technical implementation. BYD company, a local Chinese company, applied for the patent of non-contact induction charger as early as in December 2005, and used electromagnetic induction technology.



Magnetic Resonance
Magnetic resonance charging consists of an energy transmitting device and an energy receiving device. When two devices are tuned to the same frequency, or resonate at a particular frequency, they can exchange energy with each other. Compared with electromagnetic induction, resonance can extend the transmission distance. The magnetic resonance method differs from electromagnetic induction in that it does not require complete alignment of the positions between the coils.

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