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The University of Tokyo Has Tried 3D Wireless Charging Technology

2019-08-10 15:38:09

The University of Tokyo Has Tried 3D Wireless Charging Technology

Recently, according to foreign media reports, researchers at the Japan University have developed true wireless charging technology, transforming an entire room into a high-tech living room that can charge 360° wirelessly. The Japan University team, led by professor Yoshihiro Kawahara of the University of Tokyo, implemented the amazing real 3D Wireless Charging technology in a three-square-meter room.



According to the live demonstration, a mobile phone plugged into a special device will show that it is already charging as soon as it enters the house, and the floor lamp can be lit even when the plug is not inserted into the socket, and can also drive the electric fan.

As for the implementation of wireless charging, from the video point of view, the outer wall of the house is covered with metal plates, which should be based on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

Overall, as far as we know, most of this wireless charging technology drives small power appliances. But even so, it's exciting to imagine a house where your phone never needs to be charged, isn't it?


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