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One hand operation,Automatic Induction Wireless Car Charger

2019-08-03 15:34:43

One hand operation,Automatic Induction Wireless Car Charger.As a driver, in addition to preparing paper towels, there are two important things in the car, that is, mobile phone holders and car charger.



Whether it is to drive for a long time, you need to use navigation, or you need to make a temporary call. It is not only convenient but also safer to have a phone holder.
When using navigation, the phone is also very easy to run out of power. At this time, it is best to put a car charger in the car.
However, the car is therefore full of various charging cable, that will be very messy.Sometimes you need to take something, but it will accidentally pull the charging cable, the user experience is very poor.


Sometimes when you pick up a phone call or reply to a message, you have to unplug the charging cable first, and then plug it back in after you use it. Like this way, your attention is occupied while driving, and accidents are easy to happen.
Also, some car charger sometimes even appears the temperature is too high.If you accidentally bump into the car charger, you may get burnt.
Some cars charge voltage is not stable, use this power to charge the phone, it will cause some damage to the phone.
The solution to these problems is very simple, and that is the use of mobile phone "wireless charging" technology.What about the specifics? Today is our protagonist - Automatic Induction Wireless Car Charger



This wireless car charger combines phone holder and wireless charger into one, practical and convenient function.With it, you can solve the problems caused by the traditional car charger mentioned above!
What are the benefits of using a wireless car charger?
1.More clean and comfortable.
First of all, You don't need to buy a phone holder. Because this wireless car charger is a very useful holder. Its clips hold all phones from 4" to 6.5". Don't worry about speed bumps, brakes or bumpy roads to get your phone to the ground.



2.More convenient.
The wireless charging induction is quite sensitive, so you can directly charge the phone by putting it on it, which eliminates the steps of plugging in the cable. When you get off the car, you can also take it and walk away. There is no cable for you to pull out, which is very convenient.



3.More safer
Our wireless car charger uses smart chip, which can identify different devices to be charged, so as to adjust the wattage of the quick charging function and avoid the potential safety hazards caused by excessive temperature and current.



Also matched an air vent mount, suitable for all kinds of air outlet in the car, regardless of vertical and horizontal circle, as long as you have an air outlet blade, it can clip.



If you need to get rid of the charging cable, make the space in your car simpler, and make driving safer, then choose this automatic wireless car charger.

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