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Market Performance of Qi Certified Car Wireless Charger

2019-07-26 11:48:02

Market Performance of Qi Certified Car Wireless Charger.As an excellent wireless charging application scenario, car wireless charging is a powerful tool to increase driving safety and improve the life quality of car owners. It greatly improves the use and charging experience of mobile phones in cars.

According to Strategy Analytics, the Qi certified car wireless charger market shipped more than 12 million units globally in 2018, up 101% year-on-year. Including pre-installed chargers (i.e., wireless charge in front of the car) and after-sales market chargers (i.e., wireless charge in rear of the car) designed for on-board use.

Basically, the automotive industry has adopted Qi as the standard for charging smart phones. According to the April 2018 WPC global consumer survey, 45% of consumers want to use wireless charging in their cars,compared with 32% in China.

WPC also said that manufacturers of wireless front-mounted car chargers are choosing EPP certification for new products. According to WPC data, all new Qi certified car wireless charger after March 31, 2019 are in the EPP category.

Here is a brief introduction. There are two main Qi certifications according to the power level: one is BPP, 5W and below; One is EPP, 5W to 15W. Higher power EPP certification will undoubtedly bring better wireless charging experience.

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