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Automatic Induction PU Leather Wireless Car Charger

2019-11-02 10:06:28

For drivers, it is inevitable to use mobile phones for navigation. Opening the network and positioning enables you to quickly find the right position. Car charging and mobile phone support can be said to be necessary items on the road. Since we have entered a new era of wireless charging, why not try a wireless car charger? The mobile phone can be placed and used better while driving without the need to tie down the mobile phone cable!



This new product combines the mobile phone holder and wireless charger into one, which skillfully solves the trouble of the old driver to plug the line when traveling. At the same time, the beautiful appearance and combination make a good decoration.



With a air mount for installation in the outlet position.

Simple and generous appearance design of PU leather, exquisite workmanship, very good.




Built-in farah capacitor (optional), even the car turn off, it still can clamp or release your phone.

You might try it out!

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